About Us
PT. KRAZU GRC is a private company specialized in design, engineering, production and installation of Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC or GRFC) product. Although formally established in 2006, PT Krazu GRC has started its operation almost a decade ago, exactly in 1997 as the GRC product business line of of PT Krazu Nusantara.

Started up with a single production site at Cileungsi, West Java, we had grown and expanded its capacity in 2003 by adding a new production workshop at Ciputat, West Java. Approximately about 200 meter square of architectural building panel can be produced every day from these workshops. Beside these sites, PT Krazu GRC has some temporary onsite production sites distributed mostly in Surabaya, Aceh, and Malaysia.

Our mission is to give the best service for our clients by producing high quality products in term of fast and high precision production. Our products are always qualified the quality standard that are published Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete Association (GRCA) in England. We can accomplish this due to our experienced professionals in their diverse background, modern equipments, and organizationally we have more than one decade experience in GRC production.