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Physical Properties of GRC

Property Unit of Test Performance
Expansion Per ºK 10 - 20 x 10
Conductivity W/M ºK 0.5 - 1.0
Freeze thaw BS 4264 no visible or mechanical change
Din 278 no visible or mechanical change
ASTM C666.73 after 300 cycle + 20º C relatively little change

Property Unit of Test Performance
Non Combustiblity BS 476 PI 4 Non combustible
Ignitability BS 476 PI 5 Class P ( Not easily ignitable )
Fire propagation BS 476 PI 6 Class O
Spread of flame BS 476 PI 7 Class 1 ( Zero spread)
Fire resistance BS 476 PI 8 0 - 4 hours depending on construction
Smoke ASTM SIP 4422-67 Dm=2-6 negligible smoke production

Property Unit of Test Performance
Water vapour    
Permeability BS 3177 Permeance less than 1.3 metric perms at 10 mm thick
Water permeance BS 473/550 0.02 - 0.4 ml/m2 min on 8 mm thick
Moisture absorbtion   10 - 20 % from oven dry to saturation
Moisture movement   0.15 - 0.2 % from satration to oven dry

Accoustic Sound Absorpsion dB
8 mm sheet 23 dB at 125 Hz
40 dB at 4000 Hz

Abrasion Resistance
Unit of Test Performance
ASTM C418-68 0.27 - 0.30 cm3 volume loss. Lower loss than normal concrete, A/C sheet or brick.

Property Unit of Test Performance
Fibres in air Micron The fibre diameter is greater than 12 microns and is therefore well above the upper limit of respirability (3.5 microns diameter ). Detailed medical information is available on request
Fibre WHO Standards GRC can be used for system carrying potabel water. The fibres are firmly bonded into the composite and not therefore realesed into the water. GRC containing fibre produced no tatste color and turbidity where uneffeced at level exceeding specification.


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